The philosophy which has guided the Company from its beginnings and brought it to its present level of important achievements in the sector in which it operates has never been the mere wish to expand activity but rather the conviction that it must offer services based on technical and executive professionalism. Thus the desire to offer integrated solutions for environmental comfort in line with the demands of the most up-to-date technology has always spurred B.R.E. engineering to carry out well-researched studies for therealisation of innovative projects implemented with avant-gard technological systems in both civil and industrial buildings such as: residential estates, directional centres (directive and administrative centres), shopping centres, factories, chemical-pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, universities, hotels, show rooms. For this reason then, the Company has gradually createdits own technical staff, qualified and prepared to operate in specific fields of competence such as:



B.R.E. Engineering also uses the services of highly experienced and specialised professional consultants to assist in resolving particular problem areas such as: lighting techniques, acoustics, water treatment, atmospheric emissions, work safety.

Calculations and specifications are carried out by computer by the application of the most up-to-date programmes of calculus.
The technical drawings are hand-drafted or realised by computer when the base architectonic design is available or can be prepared.
B.R.E. Engineering, recognised as being one of the most reputable and qualified Mechanical and Electrical engineering firms has more than 50 consolidated clients in its registers.